Bad and Good News

Sadly Vikki had to be put down earlier this week which has left a big hole in our lives but she will soon be back and joined up with Pudding and Bertie until we are ready to bury their ashes together. It was a horrible experience as at the end she was unable to walk and just lay in my arms in the vets looking very, very sad indeed. To be honest the whole of the previous week I had been hoping that when I went to her run in the morning I would find she had passed away during the night as that would have taken away the guilt feeling both Sam and I had when taking her to the vets for the deed to be done.

The good news is that next week, for the first time, we are to be at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells doing our take home meals. As they had 240k visitors last year and the weather is better this year we are very optimistic that our bravery in doing such a big event will be adequately rewarded.

There will be a couple of things happening there that I can’t speak about at present but should be very rewarding for us so please view this site for updates on both Tuesday and Wednesday(and if in Wales view the BBC2 programme on the Tuesday evening for highlights of the day from the show). If possible we shall update this site each day of the event but as the event requires an early start and late finish each day this may be limited.

What follows is rather long winded but is important as if something isn’t done soon about it then irreversible decline will follow, as we have already seen at at least two events.

We have noticed a trend this year that organisers of events are not only increasing the cost of attending their events but they are also experiencing difficulties in filling their events with producers. Possibly due to the increasingly high cost of taking part? As a consequence their idea of a balanced offering often looks very lopsided as they appear to be prepared to take anyone on who will pay the fee. At one recent event we found no less than seven other producers offering similar products to us which made it virtually impossible for anyone to have a successful day.

Perhaps even more worrying is that we now increasingly see that, for example, butchers or meat producers are now selling pies and savoury baked goods which breaks them away from their traditional offering into ours. Perhaps we need to get some cows, pigs, chickens and sheep in to play them at their own game!

Where this will all end up I don’t know but I do know that what we are currently seeing cannot go on.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much and thanks for listening.

Eat good, eat well, eat proper food and live well.



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