Spanish chicken

While I remember how I made the dish I’ll add it to the blog. It was one of those dishes where I know roughly what goes in but not something I have made before and another roast chicken didn’t sound appetizing so time for a change.This is my take on a traditional and varied dish. I liked the results and I hope you do.

Oven to gas Mark 2, Fan oven 140 or standard electric oven 150

One small chicken cut in half and insides removed or a box of chicken thighs. Leave the Skin on.

Put a couple of table or desert spoons of flour in a shallow dish and rub the chicken skin side down in the flour to give a light coating. Don’t worry about any uncovered bits.

Heat up a casserole dish on the hob with a couple of spoonfuls of your preferred cooking oil  – olive oil or sunflower oil are good. You will need a lid for the dish or enough foil to fold up a few times and create a temporary lid.

Cook the chicken skin side down in the oil it should sizzle gentle  – turn the heat up or down accordingly. Once it has some brown skin remove to a clean dish and de-glaze the casserole dish with a good glug of sherry. Allow the sherry to reduce in volume by about half and then pour over the chicken.

Pour in a spoon of oil to the pan, heat up and add a large chopped onion or two. along with 2 de-skinned and de-seeded sweet peppers, any colour. You can buy them in a jar or grill the pepper skins until black and then wipe off with kitchen towel. Fry gently for a few minutes and then add the chicken back in along with a few rashers of chopped up smoky bacon, and about half a Chorizo cut into chunks. We use the Chorizo that’s not too hot but it’s personal preference again.

After a couple of minutes more frying add a tin of chick peas, a tin of chopped tomatoes,about half a liter of hot water and a stock cube.I used beef stock cube as I’d run out of chicken.

Lastly add a good pinch if salt & pepper and about half a teaspoon of chile flakes.

Bring to the boil giving it all a good stir and then put the lid on.

Transfer to the oven and leave for about 2 hours.The chicken should be very well cooked through and the sauce reduced by at least a third.

You can reheat this later on or the next day so it makes a good welcome home dinner.







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