The house – moving back in

  It has taken so long to get this far but we have been sleeping in our new bed for some weeks now. The house is really taking shape and having run out of money and energy we forget to look around us and take in the transformation of our little cottage.

Snuggled against a Welsh hill side with a copse of trees across the lane to protect us from the worst of the weather the little cottage sits. It was white and now is almost the colour of milk on 3 sides waiting for us to find a match to repaint the front.

The garden sits half covered in buttercups, bits of left over things from the build and a large container. The parking across the little lane also houses another container and these have held our lives worth of things for almost a year.

Slowly we have been bringing our possessions back indoors to the half painted home muttering every evening that we must do more painting. The upstairs is almost painted if you ignore the door frames and skirting while the downstairs is not even a quarter painted – another little job on the long list.

Jescat is sleeping in the study, he likes the smaller room while Vickie dog (or the Vicklar as we have nicknamed her since the comedy TV series Gavin and Stacy as in the Gavlar) is still in her kennel and run where she keeps an eye on us from the garden. The good news is that we have doors, windows, walls and floors. No home kitchen or stairs as yet but Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. Although we could do with a battalion of men to help us get this place finished I guess we will have to wend along doing it bit by little bit.


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