A new kitchen for Glanbrydan

Whilst we have not properly returned to living in our cottage we have started to move things back in.
More excitingly our new baking kitchen is being delivered. Everything is stainless steel, the cooker, the fridges, the sink and even the new scales! Slowly are little baking room is filling up and we will begin to install the new gadgets and gismos next week.
Now the baking business is a little more serious because it has to pay for the shiny new toys so we have a target each month to bring in so we don’t end up loosing money. As much as we love our pies and pasties sometimes the reality of following our little dream brings responsibility too.
In a way it has helped us to focus more on how we can improve the time it takes to produce things, after all you cannot just go spending money on everything you fancy (mainly because we don’t have it in the first place).
We have received a bit of help from our local council towards the cost of some of it and we are very grateful.


2 thoughts on “A new kitchen for Glanbrydan

  1. I sure wish those pies could be shipped overseas! They sound so good and I don’t think we have anything like them here.

    The kitchen will be like a dream for you. I can just imagine the excitement.

    • Hi Granny Sue
      It’s sad the world is missing out on the British Pie & pasty!
      Very exciting now we are moving forward but so much to do and so little time as they say.
      Take care

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