Hows the house coming along?

Life has been very hectic recently.

This morning T.W.O. woke me up a lovely hot cup of tea, I rolled over and kept my eyes firmly shut. I’m not sure if the excess of red wine last night or the busy weekend have caught up with me but what ever it is I wanted desperately to just go back to sleep! But with the carpenter coming to seal the living room floor I had no option – just another ten minutes.

Now sleep is such a pleasure as we have moved back into our own bedroom. The 6ft bed we purchased before we spent every last penny on the house renovations has pride of place in our new bedroom.

The light airy room with the wooden floor and French windows that overlook the garden make the room feel comfortable. We moved the rest of the bedroom furniture in last night and I’m currently deciding what I should put away in the chest of drawers.

This little haven is currently the most finished part of the house except for the bathrooms. The bathrooms have all the facilities and we have risked wooden floors throughout the upstairs so I invested in the biggest bath mat I could find.

Little by little our new home is coming along although we still have no stairs cannot use the living room until the floor has been sealed and are camping in the kitchen it feels like a long road to the finishing line.


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