Introducing Jess Cat

Introducing Jess Cat

I mentioned some months ago that a little black stranger had come visiting us one dark winter evening.

We were performing our evening inspection of the builders work in the extension. There were no windows and no electricity just breeze block walls, joists and a roof.

I cannot describe the noise that came out of a dark, damp corner but I think you can imagine a scared, hungry jet black kitten might just have wanted us to go away. Sadly my girly response was to scream.

A day or so later we were walking from the caravan to the wood cabin in the dark and the same thing happened but this time we caught a glimpse of the little thing. Fur all on end terrified by us disturbing his new hiding place. He had chosen the BBQ which has a shelf to keep him off the floor and a waterproof cover to keep the rain out.

Over the next couple of weeks we placed bowls of food and drink just under the caravan and slowly the little cat came to trust us but just a bit. I would sit on the caravan step and wait for him to peep out until one day he let me touch his head.

Just a few months later our farm kitten has moved in. Jess cat sleeps on either my rocking chair or TWO’s recliner as both are covered with blankets and cushions. He loves a morning fuss from TWO who gets up early and I enjoy him sleeping on my lap at some point in the evenings.

He has brought us so much pleasure. He is friends with the more outgoing of our 2 semi feral cats, Smudger, and they enjoy chase me games. He also enjoys trying to stop us typing and jumping at things that move on the television. His favourite programs include wildlife shows and football games.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Jess Cat

  1. Lucky little cat! He’s quite the handsome fellow, isn’t he? There is nothing quite as comfy as sitting on the sofa with a cat on your lap, is there? He’s fortunate you were the people to find and love him.

    • Hi Granny Sue
      We love the little thing even though he has just walked across my lap with muddy paws and then decided to rest his wet body on me. He also has just got to have fusses behind the ears and isn’t keen on the typing!

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