Look at the Garden! (or rather don’t)

Currently the garden is unloved, covered in builders junk and the veg patch in particular looks more like an unloved allotment infested with weeds. From the middle of June last year the lawn has not experienced the blades of the mower while the flower beds have not seen a trowel and to add that touch of something special we have a container filled with our possessions in the middle of it all. The picture is grim!

I am overwhelmed by the tasks that 6 months of neglect have piled up. It’s like all those things in life that just seem to big to tackle. The task is just too big.

When I studied for my degree I studied the basics of manufacturing processes and the principles of Taylorism (Frederick Taylor, 1856-1915) which is the process of breaking every task down into individual actions. This process was adopted by business & lifestyle gurus through the 1980’s to help us focus on those illusive goals in life. I think we all know the principles these days.

So with a heavy heart I need a plan for getting my garden back to life. Just to add to this we are now ankle deep in mud as the snow has all melted and the rain is now (as I type) continually tapping it little fingers on the roof of the cabin above my head.

I have made a start though. I have been shopping! And yes I do know that is not the way to get stuck in but rather the way to avoid what needs doing.

However I did buy my first ever heated propagator (and I haven’t confessed the unplanned spend to T.W.O yet) as well as 3 packets of seeds

So my ‘big task’ list begins like this:

v    Tidy up builders mess (or get them to)

v    Move the big pile of stones from under the washing line

v    Weed the veg beds

v    Weed the flower beds

Then I think we can start to plan a new garden.

And yet I really want to plant those seeds now………..


7 thoughts on “Look at the Garden! (or rather don’t)

  1. We are going to plant potatoes. Although I don’t quite know when this will occur as first we need to confine the chickens to one section of the garden so that they don’t undo all our (as yet undone) hard work…

    Good luck with your plan! I’m sure your garden will look lovely once you’ve finished.

  2. Hey Sam, don’t worry; if you visited my veg patch you’d look for the hole in the clouds where the bomb came through…it’s that much of a mess! As I have spuds chitting + onion & garlic sets to plant, I’d better get my backside into gear – being such a lovely day, it might just be today! If I can get through all this paperwork that is…. :0(

    Looking forward to catching up with you at some food festivals over the Summer. Have just nominated your pies as the finest in the South West for British Pie Week BTW – I know we’re technically South West WALES, but hey, who’s checking boundaries? Last time I checked we were technically in ‘Britain’, after all!

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