Isn’t the weather lovely?


I thought I would take the chance while Sam was doing other things to slip in this post about the last few weeks and the weather as it has been quite eventful.

Firstly to get away from the caravan and cabin we spent Christmas up at Carrbridge which is around four miles outside of Aviemore in Scotland. The weather was perfect for a ski-ing resort, only a shame we didn’t go there for the ski-ing but we did have great fun on the Rodel Bahn (sledge run) which brought back memories of the German Alps at the millenium. My little mishap wasn’t a reminder although I shan’t forget it in a hurry. The head has just about recovered!

We then spent New Year seeing daughters, son in laws, partners and grandchildren having a great time at each.

When we returned home however it was to a very different scene with the hills and mountains carrying their coat of snow which transferred them to a new world.

That was the good side for the bad side was that we became effectively cut off as the council viewed gritting the lanes around us as very low to no priority so they were quite lethal. With care however we found we could get down into the valley and back again so could get into town for the essentials uch as wine. We weren’t prepared to risk going any distance as we couldn’t be sure of getting back again so the cars have had something of a rest.

We also had problems getting supplies for the farmers markets as two suppliers declined to chance the minor roads so we were left wanting. happily that worked out ok though as the farmers market was cancelled due to the weather. Hopefully those booked for later this month will be ok as we don’t want to lose the momentum built up before Christmas.

Talking of farmers markets our reputation must be growing as we have been invited to become part of the Aberystwyth farmers market which is one of the more successful.

Going back to the weather a real problem hit us when the water supply froze up and stayed in that way for over a week. For a couple of days we had no water at all and then we had to cart it up from the house. Most things have no unfrozen but that wasn’t without incident as yesterday we heard strange banging noises outside which was followed by a bang and water shooting everywhere as one of the pipes had been frozen off by ice and when the ice thawed the water flowed. happily one of the builders sorted it our for us and we are now dry!

Talking of builders, the reak advantage of this weather is that they have been working non-stop on the house as they can’t work outside so lots of progress has been made. Currently they are building wardrobes and plastering following the first fixes for plumbing and electrics.

Plumbing raises a problem for us as due to the weather all plumbers round here are working flat out, including ours and whilst the builders need him to do jobs so they can progress we are finding it almost impossible to coax him around here.

Going back to electrics for a minute, have you ever had to have your power supply to the house moved? I ask as we are having to pay somewhere between £530 and £800 for them to move our power supply and meter from inside the lounge to the outer wall imediately adjacent! Money for old rope or what?

That just about brings us up to date except to mention (and I don’t know if Sam has already mentioned it) that we have been adopted by a young cat who has wormed their way into our home and affections. As we don’t know the gender we have called it Jessie although it seems totally reluctant to answer to the name. Also Vickie now spends most of her day whining as she would like to catch it and despatch it. Little does she know that she would get little change out of Jessie and she would probably come off worse.

I shall leave you in peace now and just leave you in the hope that you are not being troubled too much by this inclement weather.



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