Happy New Year

 Carrbridge, nearest village to where we stayed

We went to Scotland for the Christmas holidays to get away from the building work and generally have a get away from it all.

We weren’t disappointed as we stayed a few miles from Aviemore and it snowed, snowed, snowed! Once we were settled in and the fridge was stocked we could relax. We stayed at a small complex with wood cabins (because we just cannot get too much of them). The cabins were compact but had everything we needed, kitchen, bathroom & somewhere to sleep. My mother joined us and together we sledged, built snowmen and walked (a little)

Waking up to the snow and not having to drive or get about meant we could enjoy it. I really feel for people who have trouble getting about in the good weather, the freezing pavements and roads can be a real hazard to everyone.

We have come home to find our world has frozen up. After a small amount of snow the temperate dropped and even our cold water supply has frozen solid!  The pavements are so icy it’s shocking. I know the TV has been reporting it but local councils need to wake up to the fact that it just isn’t safe to walk around. Somehow we need to solve the problem of icy pavements rather than have people and pushchairs wandering in the roads.

I really appreciate the freeze is a shock in these times of global warming but how do other countries manage?

On a happier note we have been adopted by a wild kitten. We think it must be a baby from a farm cat somewhere local to us. Being unsure of the sex we have called it Jessie cat. We currently feed her and she comes into the cabin for a play, a fuss and a warm up.


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