How green are we?

I have been thinking about ways in which our little business operates and I think we are doing a few environmentally sound things.

We could always do better but we are trying to get it right.

So far:

v    The pasties and pies are labelled with pastry letters so we don’t need to label the packaging.

v    We use paper bags and try to remember to ask our customers if they need a bag. So many people now carry shopping bags with them.

v    Our vegetable peelings either go to compost or chicken mash.

v    Any open bottles of left over wine go in the chef that evening not down the drain.

v    We recycle our card, tin, plastic boxes and glass waste.

v    Our local butcher supplies most of our meat, which he gets delivered from the nearest slaughter house.

v    We re-use the empty paper flour sacks to put any food waste in which then goes into our ‘food waste’ bin that the council empty each week

Things to work on:

v    Sourcing flour (that we can afford to buy) from within Europe.

v    Using more of our own veg.

v    Trying to do more local events

and lots more I’m sure…………


2 thoughts on “How green are we?

  1. It sounds like you’re doing a good job. We try to do things the best way too, but I admit to getting lazy and not following up with glass and plastic recycling. We tried for a while, but then the recycle center moved to who-knows-where and I gave it up. We burn our paper, either in the wood stove or in the barrel, and then the ashes go on the gardens.

    Buying local is a goal for us. Here in the US, it’s not so easy. We don’t have local butchers and bakers for the most part. We grow 90% of our vegetables and meat, but the rest comes from the supermarket. I think the UK is better in that regard because you still have local shops for these things.

  2. Hi Granny Sue
    I think Europe is generally further ahead than the US in the green issue. The UK is somewhat behind Germany and Scandinavia in their recycling from what I have read.
    We are lucky to have more local shops but the supermarkets are trying their best to win everyone’s business.
    Happy Christmas

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