wow it’s windy!

You may be wondering why at 03.40 I am sitting in the cabin and finally getting around to writing a blog. The reason for this apparent insanity is that there is an awful storm blowing outside which keeps shaking the caravan, blowing the bins over and wheeling the bin lid somewhere up the lane, so not surprisingly perhaps I cannot sleep. But at least it does give me an opportunity to let you know what is happening to Sam and I.

We are getting on OK in the caravan and cabin but have to be very careful with our electrical appliances as we only have a limited supply and if we put too many items on at once, it cuts them all off, not too good for the freezer! The washing machine and tumble dryer are now up and working in the new shed we bought (when we move back into the house it will become our garden implement shed) although the plumbing and drainage for it all was quite challenging.

On the downside the fridge in the caravan is not working on any of its three power options so I fear it may be terminal. I need to get it out and down the caravan refrigerator hospital to see if they can put life back into it.

They are getting on with the house to the point where we now have an upstairs again (but no stairs!) and we can see the various elements of our bedroom area taking shape. The cheeky builders have reconnected both of the wood burners and have been burning lots of the scrap wood to keep warm which is a shame as we had our eyes on it all-seeing it as a brief respite from the search for good fire fodder. But at least it does mean that the fires haven’t suffered from being moved about. We are still waiting for the doors and windows for the back of the house to arrive and be fitted which is when they can really get on with the inside. The specialist who is making the front door, windows and stairs is refusing to fit them until the builders have finished their work for fear of them damaging them. The rebuilding of the chimney seems to have been successful as since then we have seen no water coming down it at all.

On the down side the cost of doing the extension has rocketed way over budget but given our desire to retain the character of the cottage, improve the structure and quality of our home overall, it isn’t really too surprising. We have had to increase our mortgage now to pay for it and may need to go back for yet more.

Vicky seems to be over Bert but she has become awfully whiny especially as she can see us for most of the day, and we can hear her! We got Bert’s ashes back a week or so ago so now his passing doesn’t seem so bad. He has joined Puds our first dog and no doubt one day when we feel our wanderings are over we will bury them both together. The cats are becoming more friendly towards us, it’s only taken a year and a half. Tats doesn’t swat as much and even can take a light fuss whilst Smudger just loves a fuss, but only in their home. She still hunts for Britain and a week or so ago we had a thick cock pheasant come into the garden which gave Smudger much fun in stalking him. The pheasant was too big to be taken but I think Smudger thought it would be good practice.

The pies and pasties part of our lives is manic at the moment due to the number of events we are attending between now and Christmas. We have brought in a number of new lines to make our offering more interesting, these include a chicken leek and Stilton pie, a steak and Brecon ale pie (you ought to try the Brecon ales, they are fabulous), a steak and kidney pie (in addition to the traditional steamed suet steak and kidney pudding we already do), a sausage roll with proper sausage meat and seasoning and a Christmas pudding. All very traditional, very simple and very tasty. We still can’t do the dog treats as the smell would be unacceptable (we feel) to the place we are currently cooking in. The result is that lots of people keep asking us when we are going to do them again. We do like the dog treats as they are easy to sell on the stall and by post.

The new grandchildren are doing very well and growing by the day. Sam and Leah are now home with mum and dad, hopefully they will have a larger home soon as it is all a squeeze in the flat. The Chard end of the family are also doing well with Amy and Abi both having their birthdays in recent weeks. Lisa and Iain have both so far escaped the job cuts that were being made at both of the places were they work whilst Gail just meanders through life as she has always done.

I would post some photos of the house etc but our camera is in the caravan whilst the charger for camera is somewhere in one of the containers so we are unable to use it at all at present.

How nice, it has just started raining again. What with the rain and wind we have had more than our fair share of nasty weather so it can stop now if it wants to.

I hope you enjoyed this long-winded (appropriate description in view of the weather outside) narrative and if this weather keeps up I just might be writing another one tonight.



2 thoughts on “wow it’s windy!

  1. What a lot of news! I’m so glad you had an odd moment to catch us up. The pies sound delicious. We raised a big crop of leeks this year, our first, so I’m having fun experimenting with them in different recipes.

    I will look forward to photos of the cottage. It sounds like one of those why-did-we-do-this projects that will be worth all the trouble when it’s done.

    • Hi Granny Sue
      Good luck with the leek recipies. I love leeks in things as opposed to as a side dish but they are so very useful.

      Life here is really just too busy at the moment, if exciting.

      We now have some internal walls in the house and the electricians were here to late last night doing their first fix. Wires everywhere.
      Take care

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