Our news




The good stuff:


We have some new additions to our clan:

Baby Thomas  – son of Ali & Burtie. A beautiful little boy, delivered at home and doing well. He arrived later than expected but made his appearance just before the end of August

The Twins Leah & Sam – delivered very recently to our youngest son they are perfect, tiny bundles. They are still in hospital where they need to gain weight before they are allowed home.


The sad news


We lost our Bertie dog after some years of battling with pancreatitis, blindness (cured by an operation) and ongoing diabetes poor Bertie finally went to the rabbit filled field in the sky.



The business

We have a list of farmers markets and events we will be attending. I am going to change one of our pages to reflect a list sould anybody be around to come and say hello to us. We often put out samples if anyone fancied a taste of our goods as well.


The homestead

There have been some big changes here which are very much a work in progress. We are occupying the garden room and the caravan whilst the work is happening around us. The old extension has gone and has been replaced with the newer, larger version. We have a roof and exterior walls but now are awaiting windows and doors to make it water tight before the colder weather comes.


The field – now known as the marsh!

We put in a grant application some time ago and were initially turned down. We have recently heard that they are opening up the process to the ‘next level’ down applicants and they have prepared a report about our small holding – which spends most of it’s time as a boggy holding. So now we wait and see if we are successful.


8 thoughts on “Our news

  1. Wow! you have all been busy … lovely to have three babies at once. Sorry to hear about your dog, always a sad day. And good luck with getting your extension finished


  2. Congratulations on the babies! How lovely to have so many at once. We once had three grandchildren in a year–you’ve had three in a much shorter time!

    We lost a dog this year too–it’s never easy when they’re part of the family.

    I am glad work continues on your cottage and that the grant has new life. Good luck with all of it. Your life is rich.

  3. Lovely to have a bit of news from Glanbrydan.
    The babies look so enchanting – you must be thrilled.
    We were truly sorry to learn about Bertie. You did everything in your power to help him through his illnesses, he was very lucky to have had you both. Vickie will need lots of extra hugs now.
    Hope that matters soon progress regarding your improvements.
    Best wishes,
    Wendy (Wales)

    • Hi Wendy
      Babies are a great addition to the ever growing family and they make us very proud.
      Poor Bertie – we have just about come to terms with our own guilt over having to let him go. It was horrible but we did get many good years with him. Vickie is settling down well now.
      Take care

  4. Congratulations on your babies!

    I’m so sorry about Bertie – I lost my dog this last August, so you have my heartfelt sympathies.

    Compliments on the blog, or maybe more accurately on the life the blog reflects!

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