new horizons

We took the business to Lampeter food festival last Saturday and woefully underestimated the amount of people who would be buying pasties. Having sold out by about 1.30 we had a good look round ourselves dipping back into our stall when the heavens opened up and drenched the town in rain. The day then brightened up and again and we packed to go home. The festival attracts many Welsh producers and even brings out some of the bigger companies.

We were pleased to say hi to Love Spoons galleto  -and have a tub each. Yum, Yum also buying in fresh loaf of bread and some lovely cheese for our dinner. We made our way back to our temporary cooking home and baked for Sunday market at Llanganydr.

Sunday was a quietish day but the morning passed pleasantly and we met a new cake making lady ‘Cullens Cakes’ from Abergavenny. We tried out her carrot cake and Chelsea buns which were scrummy!

The house has been on hold because of the rain and we delighted that the builders came to mark up for the footings on Friday and return to put them in today. It’s remarkable how the rooms look so small and yet the finished dimensions are not a palace but certainly make for normal sized (UK normal) rooms.

Our veg has also been suffering with the huge amount of rain. The carrots are passable and the cucumbers are good but the tomatoes and runner beans are looking a tab small.  I have moved the none performing courgettes to a more open site and they are picking up a bit. The parsnips are starting to look better with nice green leaves wafting about and some of the onions are almost ready. The broccoli has run to seed but the cauliflowers are making a go of it with a couple miniature hearts peeping through the leaves.


2 thoughts on “new horizons

  1. Hi Sam & Wilf,
    Amazing that you are still able to cook for your markets under your ‘reduced circumstances’!
    Can’t believe how cold and wet the weather has been – I like rain as you know but this is really trying my patience!
    It was nice to read about your veg garden as I was able to compare it with mine. My courgettes have gone ‘slow’ now but the runner beans seem to be doing well. Beetroot is amazing (and to think I hated it as a child). The tomatoes are green blobs at the moment.
    Hope you will be able to get on with the house building work soon.
    Best wishes,
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    It has been aweful (but we have sun today!)
    Our friends veg patch is blooming – how annoying.
    Builders here today and yesterday….
    Thought you had gone missing 🙂

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