Onward with simple food and fresh veg from the garden

We have come to love new potatoes in the last week. When you don’t have much of a kitchen to play with they are wonderful. We cook 2 days worth and have one days hot and the next days cold with mayo or onion or something!

Yesterday I wondered up to the veg patch thinking my 2ndearly spuds must be about ready. A bit of scratching around and I came up with 7 quite big fresh new potatoes! I gave them a squirt with the hose pipe to clean them and then popped them in the fridge to have this evening.

I keep thinking that many people around the world live with much less of a kitchen than I have now. I now have a washing machine in a temporary location and a dishwasher but no sink. There are no work surfaces other than the tops of the dishwasher, washing machine or cooker and all the cupboards are gone. We have a stacking shelf unit in action until we leave the house completely.

  • The worst thing is making thing stay put on the stacking shelf – I have sent a few things flying!
  • The best thing is not being able to do any washing up so it makes you really careful about making things dirty.

Our very kind friends fed us last night and sent us home with a food parcel of soup, bread as well as a couple of portions of crumble. We now have a good lunch with steak with new potatoes for dinner. The steak was on the reduced counter and I may go searching for a few pea pods and broadbeans in the garden if the rain stops.

A note on the wardrobe sorting – I’ve done it!! The charity shop has several bags of clothes that are too small for me and as T-W-O says   ‘If I loose the weight then I get to pick up a few new bits!’ (Maybe I’ll be buying back my favourites from the charity shop 🙂  ). I now have a rail of clothes I can see and a massive pile of ironing we are going to share.


2 thoughts on “Onward with simple food and fresh veg from the garden

  1. Sorry I haven’t been here to visit as much as I should. Busy around here with getting the electric in and the house (hopefully) down. However – I had to smile at your post today … potatoes (in any form) are my absolute favorite food!

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