Outdoor eating. Steak and potato salad recipe

In a recent poll (conducted and answered by me )100% of participants agreed that steak tastes nicer when cooked on a BBQ when it’s nice summers evening with a gentle breeze blowing.

Having no kitchen to speak of we are now migrating towards the caravan. We are still in our bed and will hang onto that for as long as possible but overall things have been boxed, bagged or thrown out. This is except for our bedroom including clothes.

I’m not sure why but sorting my wardrobe is like a big wall I have to climb. There’s no quick way over it or round it and so far I’m just ignoring it. I promise myself I’ll do half an hour an evening and I really don’t think it’ll take more than a couple of good goes at it.

I think the problem is those nice clothes I don’t use because of putting weight back on. I don’t want to take them to the charity shop as it’s  admitting the truth but then storing them isn’t really a good option.

My only thoughts so far are if I make 3 piles. One pile of the clothes I actually use at the moment. Another pile of winter warmers that fit me but are not in use just now and a third dreaded pile of the things I can’t do up. Once completed I can agonise over just what goes, at least I’ll have done the job.

Once again back to food……

They say it’s difficult to cook a steak and get it right. My own experiences are that it’s best if

1 – You choose a steak with a bit of fat on  – this gives it taste and helps it to stay moist when you cook it

2 – You season the steak with a bit of salt and pepper on both sides before cooking

3 – I find a griddle pan or a BBQ cooks the steak best.

Timings are difficult so I won’t even try  here but if it’s  medium steak and you like it medium cook the outside quickly to seal in the moisture, then turn down the heat and cook it until it’s how you like it. I use a sharp fork to prod it every now and then to get an idea of how much blood there is inside.  I like mine when the juice runs clear of blood. The best way is to practise a few times and note roughly how long it takes to cook.

I like to serve mine with a salad – mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber with a bit of balsamic on the side along with a new potato salad. 

For the new potato salad

Choose small waxy new potatoes that will hold their shape when boiled. Put the quantity you want to serve in a pan of salted water and bring to the boil with the lid on.

Boil gently checking them to make sure they don’t overcook. I use a pointed knife  – you can feel the centres then without breaking up the spud.

When ready drain them and leave them covered to one side to cool off (or if you are in a hurry forget the cooling bit).

Chop up some onion finely – about half an onion to 250 gs of potato and put this in a bowl with the onion. Add mayonnaise to taste. I like my spuds coated but not swimming in the stuff. add a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper and lightly salt.

Give it all a good stir.

Optional extras

Sultanas – throw in a few to give it a sweet taste

Parsley – chop up a few sprigs finely and mix it in

Chives – chop up a few stalks finely and sprinkle on top

red pepper – take a few bits of pepper finely chopped again and mix in.

left over cooked peas and a chopped up mint leaf make a colourful addition.


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