The 2009 British Grandprix


Our long awaited trip to the British Grand Prix took place last week.

The caravan (our home in a few weeks time while the builders are busy) was thoroughly cleaned and the clothes wedged into the cupboards last Tuesday. The fridge was stocked, the wine carefully boxed in the boot of the car and away we went for the long journey back to the small village we called home for some years.

We pitched on the golf course camp site and spent two days meeting up with family. Our youngest daughter has a bulging tummy full of baby Thomas who should be with us in about 9 weeks. Our youngest sons girlfriend is not far behind with a tummy full of twins, one of each, who should arrive around the end of October. The elder children all came to the Grand Prix with the various arrangements for who stayed where having been organised some time ago.

We watched the cars fly round the track spending much of the time out of doors. The race delighted us with it’s speed, noise and the general atmosphere of Silverstone filled with thousands of F1 fans. All too soon the holiday was at an end and we hitched up the caravan to return home.

As soon as we returned we went to see the chickens and let them out into the field. They, as well as the cats and fish are looked after by a very nice lady (Angela) but they do stay in their run while we are away to help Angela keep them safe. We haven’t spotted Nemo yet, but will have a look again this evening – he is very good at appearing missing. So far I have only seen Smudger cat who meowed at me a lot, but Tatty cannot be too far away.

The plumber is working away at the back of the house putting in some temporary washing facilities so we can at least have a wash when they remove the bathroom and kitchen. At the same time the builders have been putting in site markers in preperation for commencing the work in earnest.  We are a trifle concerned as the markers bear little relationship to the plans but hey ho!


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