The earth has moved


IMG_0170I have noticed that building work happens in bursts around here. The garden now has more of a quarry feel to it with the digger  half way through removing the large bank of earth from behind the house. Once this is gone we can think about foundations.

The digger man deposited his big digger last night and this morning a dumper truck arrived. He promptlygot to work (I had just had a shower and was scrabling round trying to dress quickly)  his nephew  drives the dumper truck while he takes charge of the digger. He has considered and thought through exactly what will go where with the earth being moved up to the field along with ruble and clay.

The large plants have been lifted in big balls and deposited to either side of the field gate while the ruble is being laid down the pathway he created when he dug the pond to form a bed over which he will put clay. We hope this will improve the drainage and at some future point (when we eventually find more money) we will top this path with stone of some sort to make a sweeping walk up to the pond. The top soil is in one heap and the clay in another.

We suffered a thunder storm with lightening and heavy rain after lunch so digger man and his nephew have retired for the day.

T-W-O and I are hot footing the final structural engineers measurements into the post so Son-In-Law architect Iain can add the last details to the buildings drawings this weekend and we can submit them to the council.

We have hired a metal container to move our furniture into. The container arrived at lunch time and we managed to cause a traffic jam down the lane – ok two neighbours and a lost coach which is a traffic jam around here. The container is insulated so we hope will not suffer condensation and looks rather like a building site office, with a door and windows at either end. The floor has lino on and it all looks very civilised from within but with good sturdy locks on the outside. The exterior is green but it doesn’t really camouflage it too well.


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