Just lately

I am yet again apologising for my lack of writing. Life has exploded and it would be reasonable to say we are just so busy. The farmers markets and work we have just about learned to cope with – big shows excluded – but add to that the work we have been doing to prepare for the extension and the ‘ learning’ I am doing at work it leads to two exhausted people.

The pasty business – We have been in contact with various organisation through a friend of ours who knows about these things in the hope of securing some help with marketing, web sites and equipment. The Welsh assembly and the council have been helpful so now it’s up to us now.

The garden – the lawn is currently a wild flower meadow and I quite like it. The builders are about to mash up the garden with the help of the digger man next week. The green house is full of things and the veg beds need weeding.

Th building work – The dogs are now situated in their new home and the chickens are enjoying the field. We had a mass plant move a few weeks ago so I hope the digger man will move the bigger clumps to the side of the field.

Lastly we have a new fish. We weren’t expecting anything for the new pond just yet but circumstances meant a Koi carp  – now called Nemo  – who is over a foot long now has joined the crew. We spend a few minutes every evening ‘finding Nemo’ and making sure he is still swimming around his new home.

Onwards we go …………….


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