we’ve been away


I’m sorry we have been ‘off post’. Several things have happened in our lives:

We have been working our feet off.

I have tried to log on to the blog and been unable to.

The most tragic thing is we have lost Donald duck. I will post more on that subject another day.

My aim at the moment is to post once a week. The business has been doing well. We have just finished a wonderful weekend at the Royal Welsh showground and we have almost finished Vickie and Berties new home.  We have enjoyed our first ever proper wholesale customer only to find they want to continue with the products but made in their own kitchens – understandable under the current financial climate but I really could have called them a few names the day they told us.

We have also had our picture in the Brecon and Radnor express – which would have been wonderful if the article that went with it had been correct. There is an anual event known as ‘the true taste of Wales’ where food producers enter their products into categories and the judges decide who gets an award for their efforts. The article focused on entering the event headed up with our picture but had us down as entrants for last years event when Glanbrydan was not even thought of as producing pies and pasties……

Oh well, the power of the press as they say……………..


4 thoughts on “we’ve been away

  1. Hey, it sounds as if the Brecon and Radnor Express has established Glanbrydan, people now think you have been going at least a year, not a bad thing. I wouldn’t worry too much about the text, most people read the first few lines of an article, look at the pic and move on. It was great that they printed your pic, the paper must think you two are stunners in your outfits! x

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