life is full of the smell of pork chops roasting for Sunday dinner


The kitchen has been smelling nice all afternoon, we are roasting some chops for our Sunday dinner. I know a roast on Sunday is old hat but we love it! We had some big chops so we have tied them together back into the loin they once were and roasted them for the time it would take to cook a loin joint of the same size. We follow the 20 minutes a pound plus 20 minutes extra. I find chops can be very dry and this helps to keeps the moisture in. The crackling has crackled – not good for you but then what is these days.

Whilst the cooking was going on I spent an afternoon at work in the garden and greenhouse. I have put the peas out while I have time and they have a twiggy pea house to stop the birds, both the visiting kind and the live in chicken kind from enjoying a feast of young shoots. The bean posts are in with a row of bean seeds in.


Finally a snapshot across the garden to give you some idea of the work that’s been going on and the new parking area we will be using very soon.



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