A Sunny weekend – again!!


The sun was shinning as I walked the length of the garden to reach the field. The air filled with the cool edge of a spring day which pretended to be summer. The sky a hazy blue, with the birds chirping their evening song all around me but unseen. I lent on the new gate amazed at the progress. The parking area is now dug out and covered in stone, there are two field sized gates from the garden to the road and one field sized gate from the garden to the field.

The new drains are working overtime and small areas of the field are a bit dryer. Walking the soggy clay track that remains in place until the foundations for the extension are dug out and that soil fills the void we walk up to the pond. Our wellies sticking to the ground dragging up splashes of muddy water. Our fruit trees look like sticks in a sea of soil.

We discuss the need to get some grass seed and if we should buy more trees now or wait until autumn. The next big discussion topic is where should the chickens live?. A dryish grassed area is found so we do that almost jumping up & down movement to establish if the ground is spongy.

Having established an area close to the fence for a bit of shade I wander off to the veg beds and T-W-O returns to the house. The veg seeds, with the exception of the carrots are all making a show. I am reminded that tomorrow I must plant further seeds and beans. I never did plant the parsnips so they are top of my ‘To Do’  list.


4 thoughts on “A Sunny weekend – again!!

  1. Dying to see some pics of your ‘work-in-progress’ as it all sounds so exciting. Also some showing your seedlings and latest recipes – am looking to you for inspiration!
    Do hope that Bertie is okay at the moment.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I have some pics of work in progress but it’s all a bit of a mud really. I’ll look for something promising in the ones I’ve taken.
    How does roast chops for Sunday dinner grab you (yum yum from us).
    Bertie is good at the moment. He seems to have settled down a bit and we don’t think we will mess him about anymore just let him live happily without seeing the vet too much.

  3. Yes please to the chops! Glad Bertie is okay, I think you are right about how to ‘manage’ him and keep him happy at the same time.
    Bye, Wendy (Wales)

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