More gardening fun

Is it really a weed

Is it really a weed

In the greenhouse the spinach seeds have popped a few leaves above the soil, the cabbages are coming through and we have pots of tiny cherry tomato plants.  In the beds the first row of broad beans and peas are creeping through the protective barrier I laid. Garlic and onions are well on their way and I think we have some Brussels spouts sprouting (I hope they are not weeds but not 100 percent sure yet).

I added a few things to greenhouse this afternoon leaving behind my laptop with a headache and a bit of a saw throat I hoped a bit of fresh air would do me a bit of good. I’ve added courgette and pickling cucumbers to my pots along with some sun flower seeds.

I must go and put my two apple trees as well as a plum tree  in situ along with my early potatoes. It would appear rain is forecast for tonight so it would seem a good time for a little planting. The poor fruit trees have been waiting to go in since they should have been planted so we hope they will settle into the new orchard, three lonely twigs until the autumn when we will add to their numbers.


2 thoughts on “More gardening fun

  1. It’s really kind of exciting to see all the posts about planting! Glad you’re well on your way. I almost like the fact that we’re about six weeks behind most folks – we plant in early June. Apple trees are such a lovely idea. We just have one, but I’d like more.

  2. Hi Smallpines
    I think it’s good being a bit behind everyone else, that way you get reminded about things.
    I forget to buy seeds in that I would love to grow and then when I see them in other peoples gardens in the summer I could kick myself. I have forgotten Nasturtiums for 2 years in a row….and this year I hope to remember.

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