img_00511The Brecon farmers market was packed with locals and tourists yesterday. We premiered three new dishes yesterday; Chickpea Italiano (vegan), stake and ale pies and picnic pie.

Chickpea Italiano uses our rich tomato sauce mixed with chickpea and served up as a pasty.

Steak & Ale pies in single size and a large family pie using a local ale.

Picnic pie is pork pie with a boiled egg in the middle making extra large pork pies.

We decorated the stall with little tiny toy chicks and mini eggs. The pasties sold and sold, we were so busy that when Iain and Lisa arrived (daughter& son in law) we weren’t able to stop and say hello. T-W-O went off to the shops to buy a few things mid morning (red wine) and came back with a lovely teddy for me. He is such a surprise sometimes!


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  1. Hi both,
    Wonderful pic – isn’t it a beauty! I am just sitting here for a moment thinking what to get for our evening meal. I wish we could have one of your steak and ale pies. We are absolutely shattered having spent the past 5 hours with cutters and chain saw on a dead tree. I am going with the line of least resistance,something from the freezer!
    You both sound as though things have been very busy (as usual) what with the markets and building work.
    Let’s hope the lovely weather lasts a bit eh!
    Best wishes, Wendy (Wales)

  2. So happy the markets continue to go so nicely for you! And on an odd note – I just came from another blog that was talking about an egg in the middle of pork. Weird. Traditional Easter dish, maybe?

  3. Hi Wendy
    We are having the last steak & Kidney pud for our tea tonight.
    Keeping yourselves in wood makes me think of how hard it must have been before chain saws came along. We did a little log cutting on Sunday but nothing near a five hour stint. I hope you’ve recovered?

    Hi Smallpines
    The egg in the middle of pork is a picnic pie here. I think it’s the dry spell we’ve been having along with a two week school holiday that may have sparked the interest in picnics. We could start a tradition though 🙂

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