The digger man has arrived


Whilst everything else has been going on our house & garden improvements have been dragging. It seems that most of the trades people we ask for quotes are very slow in returning them. The structural engineer has disappeared off with our plans and we have no idea when he will return the beam sizes and roof layout we need.

However one exiting thing has happened! The man with the digger has started this week. On Sunday evening he delivered an enormous digger and he has been working away lifting the earth for the last two days. It’s extraordinary to see the speed with which the giant machine eats up the ground around it. Our quiet and skilled landscaper has removed all the topsoil from the parking area to be and put it safely in the field. The opening between the garden and field is now a big space and I know he has been up in the field all day possibly working on drianage or maybe the pond.

The digger man is a tall, slender, quiet individual with a wry smile. When I originally asked about the pond he asked how big I wanted it to be. I said ‘not just a tiny pond, something proper.’  With a smile on his face he enquired if I intended to row boats on it?

Having just been to look at his progress we may have a boat yet.


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