Our first ever food festival – Llanwrtyd Wells


After the Llanwrtyd Wells food festival yesterday we are having a catch up day in the house. It seems the cleaning of our home as well as the animals won’t wait for us to have a day off so we’ve knuckled down and now the house at least looks a bit more welcoming.

When we arrived at the festival to unload there was a mass of producers all jostling for the unloading spaces needed. We were lucky though as we like to get there with a little time to spare, once we had finished and moved the car to the parking area more and more vehicles piled in to the limited space. Eventually it became a car park, those at the front hemmed in by those at the rear. It all goes off in good humour and everyone makes the starting time.

The day was a warm day all the food producers were in a marquee while the craft producers occupied the hall. The warm day brought the shoppers out to enjoy a pleasant stroll round the wonderful mixture of delicacies on offer. Next to us was a fascinating couple who import and roast coffee beans. They then sell hot drinks, some home bakes and of course the beans. A good choice of neighbour! On our other side a lady selling spices all bagged up in tiny amounts lovingly labeled and displayed in exotic looking baskets.

Love spoon ice cream http://lovespoon.wordpress.com/ were opposite us and we were able  to sample their wonderful vanilla ice cream. Other stall holders such as the chili stall, the pickles man, the couple who make bread  and the french patisserie lady we recognised from Brecon farmers market. There was another spices lady we know from Llangynidr farmers market and a couple of  nice looking cakes stalls. This year we noted the huge array of beer, cider, whisky and other alcoholic beverages produced by micro breweries . Our Brecon neighbour who makes cheese was on the other side of the room and lastly there were some meat stalls, a veg stall and a few others dotted about the place. 

Soon after setting up we munched on a fantastic sausage sandwich each and this kept up going through quite a busy day until we stopped for a kitkat mid afternoon. Exhausted but happy we had only a couple of things left at the end of the day so we treated ourselves to a fish and chip supper.

So it’s a thumbs up for our first ever food festival

I’ve planted up a box of spinach in the greenhouse today & a few more broad beans


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