Sunday market

Will they grow up to be frogs?

Will they grow up to be frogs?

The Sunday market was a great success, as much as the cold wind and rain kept people away on Saturday, the opposite was true on Sunday. The gentle spring sun warmed people out of their homes to enjoy an hour pottering round the stalls. The change in the clocks confused many of us and one stall holder didn’t turn in. Nobody knows why so conjecture is rife but the most popular theory is she missed the time shift.
Having completed our busy week we now start again. Our first food festival is on Saturday!
I would also like to introduce you to the blog which is to be associated with an ebook. I will be making a small contribution with an article or two. The idea behind the book is taking the experiences of a diverse set of people who attempt kitchen gardening/ cooking in some way.  We hope to have a logo soon which we will all add to our blog pages somewhere.


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