The markets so far


The producers show on Wednesday brought a new selection of visitors while we sat among many familiar stall holders.  After time to set up our stands we went to a distribution seminar where we were encouraged to talk to producers who may share our customer base and want to split distribution costs. A good idea and one we are now thinking about – if we do distribute anything.

A very nice buffet lunch sat amidst the stalls and potential purchasers made their way round the event enjoying free samples while discussing possible future deals. The visitors varied from local B & B owners to a couple of Tesco buyers (don’t worry we are not Tesco material we told them). For some it was a nice day out with a meal while others were more serious about sourcing local foods for cafes and produce shops.Leaving with mixed views and a few good contacts we started the preparation for today’s market at Llandovery.

Home again this evening we are thawing out in front of the fire , the cold wind went through every layer of clothing and reached into the bones beneath our flesh. The shoppers were a steady trickle not hanging around in the cold but occasionally trapped in the market by the frequent sharp showers.

All the stall holders huddled together under the covered market rather than spreading around the square in the usual way. It made it a little more sociable for us all, able to call over to each other every now and then or sidle off to visit each others stalls for a chat and the odd bit of shopping. Liz our markets cake making lady is opening a deli in Llandovery this week, a much needed addition to the small town. So good luck to her!

Off to sit on the carpet in front of the fire now.


3 thoughts on “The markets so far

  1. Ah, a Carmarthen blogger. Bumped into you from a link at a WV blogger’s site.
    My people are from Llanstephan and I have good friends in Swansea. Have only been there once (stayed in Swansea for four days and Laugharne for four days), but met the nicest people in the world while there.
    Look forward to exploring your blog site.

  2. Hi SagaciousHillbilly

    The people here are very friendly. I am surprised you got the accent though 😉

    Look forward to exploring your blog as well

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