A trip to Ikea

img_0018Just in case Ikea is not a worldwide brand it is a Swedish furniture retailer that has become incredibly popular in the UK.

It has to be said that T-W-O is not a lover of Ikea, normally I think he would prefer a trip to the dentist. He appreciates that our budget for the extension wont reach to a high class kitchen. I would love to spend many thousands on a state of the art hand made kitchen with granite work surfaces (and yes I know they can be scratched but….). Having heard of three Ikea kitchens being fitted recently by people in a similar position to ourselves we thought it must be worth a look.

We both understand that there have to be compromises made on our extension budget so after dropping the dogs off at the kennels nice and early we made the trip to Cardiff , as it’s a day where that ancient and revered game of ruby is being played between Wales and Ireland many Welshmen decided to start preparing early and NOT go to Ikea.

Thank goodness, hurdle one overcome. T-W-O would probably turn the car around if he couldn’t get in the car park and yet we managed to park right between the entrance and the exit doors. We went straight for a coffee and T-W-O scrutinised the very cheap breakfast. Probably rubbish he declared until he saw a couple of plates on another table. Doesn’t look bad, but we didn’t buy as we had already had something for breakfast.

Refreshed we made our way into the maze. I very rarely go there but every time you stray off the path you risk getting lost. I wonder if people have spent the night in there, a good way to try out the bed section. Past the ‘made up homes’ section we wondered through areas I cannot even remember and found many things we may possibly need at some point in our lives but like good little shoppers we held off picking anything up.

The kitchens were a pleasant surprise. Some were very cheap and sadly looked it but the mid price units were as good as may more expensive units we have seen. We have found something we both agreed would look good, wouldn’t bankrupt us and would give the room a contemporary look.  They have all the in unit storage goodies like tray and dividers which the expensive kitchens boast as well.

Having escaped the maze we found ourselves back at the cafe (what a surprise!) and had a fish and chip lunch. Not restaurant class cuisine but very acceptable. Then down to what they describe as the market place. Here is where they get you. We all know it’s designed that way and you have to go through with your eyes shut not to succumb to pretty glasses, the very reasonable pots, pans, lights……and so on.

We did get a metal storage stand which will be used for holding freshly baked pasty and pies. We quickly run out of cooling space on baking day so this should help us and will be taken into the new work kitchen eventually. Oh yes and 8 glass spice/herb  jars, but you can get a teaspoon in the top of them and they will take a full refill pack which most of them don’t.

I am glad to be back home though!


4 thoughts on “A trip to Ikea

  1. Can I make a confession? I *whisper* like Ikea.

    Not all of their stuff, just some. And I wouldn’t furnish my house completely with Ikea.

    But their jam is excellent. Ooh, and the book separators, and their black and white fabrics, and their french-style daybeds, and…you get the idea. I also like their shoe-racks – simple and sturdy. I can always find lots of things to fuss over in the catalogue.

    On the subject of sour-dough bread, I mean to try it as soon as I get home for Easter (not until Good Friday, alas!). I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now.

  2. Hi Rebecca

    I like Ikea too (T-W-O however…………) but it’s just too busy for me. Try the on line kitchen, bedroom or office planner.

    I bet you’ll be glad to have some time at home. I hope you get a rest from your studies. The sourdough bread is a bread revelation.

  3. Hi Sam & Wilf,
    We’ve been busy trimming the row of pollarded lime trees along the front of our house. Really tired out after a couple of sessions over 2 days when the weather was so good (gales today-23rd).
    Confession to make – we have never been to Ikea. I really enjoyed reading your account and we were with T-W-O in spirit in the Cafe!
    That metal storage stand sounds just right to cool your cooked items.
    Cheerio, Wendy (Wales)

  4. Hi Wendy
    I bet you’re ready for a rest – you have to make the most of the good weather round Wales.
    Ikea is like a giant B & Q for furniture and it has lots of smaller things to tempt you on the way out – like the sweet stand at the supermarket tills and young children. (and the odd adult every now and then)
    The cooling stand is currently covered in veg of all description in prepreation for pasties.

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