I have eaten the sourdough bread I made this week and it has a very different texture to normal bakery bread. I am now using the rest of it up as toast and it strikes me it would make very good brochette. The elongated slices, slightly denser than bread made with commercial yeast make a great surface for rubbing garlic into.

Brochette (my way) – a simple starter. The oil mix would easily do 4 – 6 or about 3 people for a nice lunch.

Cut up several cloves of garlic into very small pieces and steep them in a cup of olive oil for a day or 3

On the day you are serving the brochette:

Chop up some tomartoes into 1 cm of half inch cube sized chunks, put them in a bowl then pour over some of the garlic oil mix. You want them generously coated but not swimming around. Any remaining oil can be put back in the fridge and used for cooking anything you like garlic in.

If you have some basil add some torn up leaves to your mix. If not try a few chopped chives or a bit of parsley. If out of season used a dried version of the same, about quarter of a teaspoon

When you are ready to use them;

Take slices of bread and toast them – usually 1 or 2 per person if it’s a starter. Slightly stale bread is best

Cut a fresh clove of garlic in 2, dip it in the olive oil mixture and rub your bread all over with it. Very lightly salt and pepper the toast.

Serve cold with the bowl of the tomarto mix and small spoons for people to pile onto the toast. Or put into individual ramakins on the side of a plate.

Other versions;

Serve the toast with melted cheese on top (Yum Yum)

Serve with some mushrooms cooked in butter and garlic as an additional option for topping the toast with.

Serve with thin slices of grilled courgette.

Gently cook a diced onion for about 15 minutes until it is caramelised and serve in separate bowl.

All of the above for a great lunch or yummy tea time. I am sure you can add to the list…………..smoked salmon, goats cheese…….what do you like.



Other things to add


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