The producers (pasties and pies not the show)

 a Spring lamb in a nearby field

a Spring lamb in a nearby field

We are attending a local producers event next week in Brecon to show our wares to the tourist and restaurant trade. This is a new world to us. We have spent days deciding what products to take, how many of each and harder still what to leave behind. As well as all this we need to decide what we charge for wholesale and how would we distribute?

As we are ‘fresh’ produce evrything needs to go out in cool containers. Once it gets to the other end it needs signing for and it all needs order forms, invoices, delivery notes……………

The real question is which way should the business go? If we are happy to increase production then it will take more time to produce leaving less time to attend markets,but then we do enjoy being part of the markets. So many decisions when we are happily going along to our markets each month but (sadly) we need a bit more money coming in now T-W-O is leaving his full time job.  

I was reminded last night as I cooked the sourdough bread and prepared quiche with a trial filling of just how much I love being in the kitchen. The hum drum of cooking meals is very  important but it’s the love of making something that people enjoy eating  that drives me.

The experimental quiche is roasted parsnip and cheese which we have yet to try. T-W-O the carnivore is really looking forward to having some for lunch tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “The producers (pasties and pies not the show)

  1. That lamb is just about the sweetest sight I have layed eyed on in weeks. Best wishes for the show – knock ’em dead. Honestly, your stuff always sounds so delicious and looks so wonderful, I’m sure you’ll have lots of interest. Have fun!

  2. It’s a dilemma isn’t it? I have a bad habit of making the things I love into work and a way to earn income. It takes some of the joy from the very things I love. At the same time, income is nice! I am sure you’ll make the right decision. I just wish I could taste one of your pies–they sound incredible.

  3. Hi smallpines
    That lamb is no ‘cute’!

    Hi Granny Sue
    Income is nice and needed, but yes sometimes when I know we have made 60 pasties and we are half way to the end I think ‘why?’


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