Gardening Calendar for March & how Simon the sourdough starter is doing


where's the odd one out?

The black sheep of the family

Simon the sourdough starter has a life of his own now, I’m fascinated to watch the bubbles burst as I look into the jar. He will be fed again and then move into the fridge tonight in preparation for some bread baking later this week. The next stage is making a sponge which I gather is an extra large version of the starter.

The idea now is to keep Simon alive and use him as when I need him until  Peter pushers him out  or he peters out (ha ha couldn’t resist that).  I have to get through the sponge stage first to know if he really is going to make a proper loaf of bread. If it all works I’ll do a complete post on the subject.

We have a friend coming over for dinner this evening (and she is bringing cake with her) so T-W-O will be making a prawn risotto. We have been freezing reduced price prawns from the supermarket for a few weeks now and it’s time to make a bit of space in there.

I have been reading up on what I should be planting in March and I’ve petrified myself:




Broad beans


Jerusalem artichokes


Onion sets

Spring onions


I hope we get some good weather this weekend. I’m off now to order up some Asparagus and check what seeds I’ve got left




4 thoughts on “Gardening Calendar for March & how Simon the sourdough starter is doing

  1. Hi Sam and T-W-O,
    That’s some impressive list. Hope it all goes well. (There is a post over at Little Ffarm Dairy that you might be interested in regarding small food businesses in Wales!)

  2. Awesome looking list. We’re going to be moderate this first year of planting, but still try to get as much in as possible. I have to build beds and get the new place settled, so, ya know. Love that black sheep photo!

  3. Hi Smallpines
    Very wise. You could try some pots of lettuce as well. We grow them in old wooden fruit boxes set on the gravel path so the slugs don’t get to them. Then at the end of the growing season the box and the old compost goes on the compost heap.

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