A trip to the physio


I have been to the hospital in Carmarthen today to see a physiotherapist about my wrist. They were very good and helped to fill in the missing advice I needed. The wrist is recovering well but it needs a little more rest than it gets now to allow it time to recover. All the work we do involves using the wrist (even my new knitting project). The baking , the day job are all heavy on the wrist.

I told youngest daughter today that I was knitting for the baby. She said ‘as long as it’s nothing Granny like’ . Such gratitide from our children. She then went on tell me about the cost of ‘hand knitted’ items for babies in a shop she had been in. I hope my efforts pass muster when completed even though I am a Granny.

The chili seeds have not yet come through. I am beginning to think they need a radiator boost. Last year I put a tray on top of a couple of plastic pots over the radiator so they weren’t sat on the radiator but enjoyed the heat from a few inches above. They were out within a week, maybe it’s time to invest in a heated propagator.

I was complaining that I hadn’t seen any primroses in flower yet and then as we walked the dogs we began primrose spotting. Those in the hedgerows are still to show a flower stem but those in our garden are opening up daily. Then the rain started again. Luckily we were back in doors all chores completed before the big drops fell.


2 thoughts on “A trip to the physio

  1. Lovely to see the primroses everywhere. On knitting for babies: we’ve found that modern mothers like Debbie Bliss patterns – if you’re feeling generous, then use DB wool, but if you’re pinching the pennies, they knit up nicely in less luxurious wools


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