Confined to barracks & braised celery


The chickens have taken to gallivanting across the road and over the bridge enjoying jaunts into the neighbours garden which has not gone down to well. As they are to be moved into the field in a few weeks we have taken the decision to leave them in the run during the day until they move. They are not impressed and jump about at the door when they see me or T-W-O. They don’t seem to accept our explanation that other people don’t see them as we do.

The frequent hail storms have left us virtually house bound today. We did nip out to our friends house for coffee and a bit of cake this morning but other than the animal chores we have remained in doors. This means my beans and peas are still in the packets but I hope that it will clear up a bit tomorrow allowing me a quick sortie to the greenhouse at some point.

I have had the time to start a little knitting. I can knit but I am not a regular or competent knitter so I’m doing a simple little jacket for 0-3 months for our next family addition. Our youngest daughter is expecting a baby in late August which is wonderful news for us,  her and son-in-law as well. It is a simple creamy colour wool and being so small it’s progressing well.

Today’s ‘at risk in the fridge’ was some celery, we tried braised celery. I like celery and it was a tasty dish. I sort of adapted Delias version missing things out.

I peeled and chopped half an onion.  

Melt about a flat desert spoon of butter in a saucepan and add the onion which I cooked for a couple of minutes on medium while I chopped about a third of a head of celery into 2 inch (about 4/5 cm) lengths, discarding the base and leaves. Wash the celery thoroughly and then add to the sizzling onion. Turning down the heat a little I put the lid on the pan and cooked for about 10 minutes.

I turned this off until about 10 minutes before serving. I then put in half a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder and enough boiling water to not quite cover the celery. Putting the lid back on I boiled it until the celery was just about tender when you run a sharp knife through it.

It went down well.


4 thoughts on “Confined to barracks & braised celery

  1. So pleased to read your good news re: the expected baby. You’re really going to enjoy knitting some ‘small’ garments.
    Yes the weather has been atrocious today, I have been doing things on the computer, scanning etc but your coffee/cake outing sounded worth going out for! I love hearing about the chickens and also like the look of the celery recipe.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I am enjoying the knitting so far.
    You couldn’t really do very much yesterday but indoor jobs. The cake is always worth a trip out (don’t tell our friend though she may think that’s the only reason we go).
    The poor chickens they are not happy being kept in.
    Take care

  3. We at the League for the Suppression of Celery ask that you cease and desist your promotion of the devil’s vegetable.

    You might be unaware of the dangers of this agricultural abomination. If so, please take the time to read all about it at our web site. It could save your life.

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