Time goes by

The red kite in flight

The red kite in flight

It’s odd how time goes by so quickly and yet times gone by seem to be only yesterday. When the children grew up and left home they scattered across the UK, we probably scattered the furthest. It was all in the natural progression of things: they get partners, maybe marry and then along come a couple of little ones and then another little one.  Not five minutes ago I was going out on a Friday night and the biggest issue was not being able to afford to keep up with fashion, which moved much slower than it does today.

My parents still consider me young (ish) and my children consider me old! Yet somehow sat here in the middle I now understand how little I appreciated my youth and how I want to appreciate more the time we have today.

Enough deep thoughts for one day!

Poor Donald duck got stuck out in the rain. I could see him stood on the lawn by the run door but I hadn’t realised the run door had blown shut. The chickens were sheltering in the duck house or should I saying day room as Donald doesn’t sleep there looking out at the pouring rain while poor Donald just stood waiting to be let in. Luckily I went up to them early to get the chores done and out of the rain myself so he wasn’t sat there until dusk. Even for a duck he looked soaked through.

The fire has been on just about all day and Spring has sprung a leaky sky. The sunshine has disappeared and the grey sky has returned. The turn in the weather happened so quickly. After several weeks of dry sky you expect to get a bit of warning prior to a deluge. The Field drains were overflowing and Bertie dog was reluctant to put a toe outside for a walk whilst Vickie happily splashed through the mud and puddles. We coaxed him out suggesting that Pippa our neighbours dog may be out, an out and out fib I’m afraid. We were soon found out!

They all enjoyed supper and we retreated to the cosy living room to enjoy a quiet evening in. Having been out for supper at our firends house yesterday evening we need a bit of mindless time in front of a TV or a book to rest away the last of the weekend tiredness we have been storing up.


4 thoughts on “Time goes by

  1. Time surely is an odd thing. I always think that it’s so funny that this medium we humans invented to measure it can be so elastic. Glad you’re looking forward to a cozy evening in. The pic of the kite is awesome!

  2. Hi Smallpines
    Yes invented by man. I was watching a history style programme that said when had the old life style of working the land that people actually had more leisure time. It was when we started to get industrial that it all went wrong.
    The cosy evening in was nice.

  3. I hope you get your grant! What a great thing for a government to do–so much better than starting wars. keep everyone busy planting and taking care of our planet and perhaps we wouldn’t have time to quarrel?

  4. Hi Granny Sue
    I’ve just finished a letter to go with the application form trying to explain a bit about why it fits so well with what we want to do.

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