Update of the month

img_00821Planting progress review – The beans and peas I planted a week ago must have been nicely softened by the water I gave them and swelled by the warmth of the early spring sunshine through the glass of the greenhouse. They were so tasty that a little mouse must have indigestion as it scoffed the lot! I now have 2 cell trays with lots of very neat little holes in. I will have to start again and bring them indoors to get them started. I am tempted to leave the greenhouse door open a little bit for a couple of days and see if Smudger the cat can persuade our little friend to go elsewhere, after all they only moved into the greenhouse as it’s one of  the only cat proof environments we have – supplied with ready meals! The pepper and aubergine seeds have not shown their heads yet either it may be just a tad too cool for the tropical peppers although they can take up to 21 days to germinate.

The red onions planted a while ago that were doing so well have undergone some disturbance at the hands of the chickens who love the soil in the veg beds. Not only have they been scratching the soil, which is ok as they get rid of the weeds, but they decided to pluck the little bulbs up and toss them out the way. I have had words with the ladies…..

February farmers markets and St Davids day at Llangynidr market. – We enjoyed a good day at Crickhowell craft and food fair which was laid on as part of the Crickhowell walking festival. It was mainly attended by locals out on their Saturday morning shop, but having said that the dog treats went down extremely well. Whilst I went to Crickhowell T-W-O went along to Llandovery farmers market and attending his first committee meeting afterwards. Such a hardship spending an hour in the pub! We topped up our pasty production on the Saturday evening and managed to finish at a reasonable time (for us).

St Davids day, 1st April is celebrated here in the principality with the wearing of daffodil broaches and the national costume gets it’s annual outing.

The Llanganydir market on St Davids day swarmed with shoppers and tourists enjoying a nice Spring day out and gave us one of our best days takings ever. The hall was filled with stalls selling all manor of crafts and food delights. We were sandwiched between our chicken and bacon neighbours from Brecon with Susanne Chapman the  Chef doing cooking demonstrations on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Update of the month

  1. Hi both,
    Enjoyed reading the update of your market-weekend. You’ve been so busy hope you are getting a few sit-downs now. Todays picture is gorgeous.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I think we have recovered a bit.
    The horse belongs to our neighbours – they have loads of them.

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