Starting a seed planting calender

img_0005I always intend to make a seed planting calender so I can better remember whatever I managed to grow or what conditions have affected the growing season. Last year I could have written ‘washed out disaster’ for most of it . I did make a tentative start in my on-line calender but life took over then I forgot to write up germination times, then progress and then I just forgot. I want to add it to the blog this year to encourage me to keep going.

So to kick off this weekends planting is as follows.

Planted Saturday 21st Feb

Living in the green house are;

40 x broadbeans ‘ Witkiem Manita’  in cell trays . From Johnsons seeds

40 x peas ‘ Early Meteor’ in cell trays. From Unwins

Living on the bedroom windowsill are;

I packet of aubergine ‘Moneymaker’ , seeds in a seed tray. From Unwins

peppers ‘ Tequila Capsicum annuum’3 x 3 inch pots with 3 seeds to a pot. From

peppers ‘Sweet California Wonder3 x 3 inch pots with 3 seeds to a pot. Mr Fothergills

chili peppers ‘ NuMex Joe E. Parker Capsicum annuum’ 6 x 3 inch pots with 3 seeds to a pot. From

I have relied on Aubergine cast off plants in years gone by from friends or family so I am a  first timer from seed. I’ve never purchased from really cool seeds before either so I’m interested to see how the peppers progress, they were at the Abergaveny food festival last year boasting a stall full of great plants groaning with chili peppers and packets of seeds.

Normally I try to fine mist spray the compost once the seeds have gone in. This year I thoroughly soaked the soil, popped the seeds, beans, peas on top and then gave them a dry covering. I’m hopefull this will boost their chances of germinating. The spray will be fished out from the back of the under sink cupboard soon.


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