cleaning through

T-W-Os new clock

T-W-Os new clock

I am not house proud mad but I have noticed that over the last few weeks the house has become a bit of a grimy space to live in. The kitchen does not suffer this fate as over and above everything else it gets cleaned through. As the lovely sunshine made it way through our windows I looked around our living room – cobwebs everywhere. The uneven walls, ceiling and carpet has now been thoroughly vacuumed and all the sides dusted. The settee has had a bit of a wash as well.

The smaller front room/dining/work room has also had a once over. Sadly it all needs painting but this can wait for the extension to be built now. I moved outside cleaning through the chicken house and the dog run. Everybody scattered animals and T-W-O alike, I think I’m best avoided in this frame of mind.

Still so much needs doing but at least as I sit down this evening in our front room the only thing left to clean is the carpet which needs a wash  (and a patch of grey wall that’s smokey dust covered).

Tomorrow I am determined to tackle the bathroom and give all my shoes and boots a good polish!


5 thoughts on “cleaning through

  1. My goodness, I can tell that you are making up for lost time now that the plaster cast has been put in the hospital bin!
    I know how you feel though, the sunshine is so wonderful but it makes you terribly aware of every bit of winter grime and dust.
    We liked your lovely clock too.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. The clock is awesome, quite a piece.

    I feel the same way about my house–after a winter of wood heat everything feels dusty and grimy. We’re getting a few spots of sunshine but today the snow is back and winter holds sway yet again. Cleaning will have to wait a bit longer.

  3. Hi Wendy
    We are becoming a house of clocks. T-W-O has several rather nice clocks. One day I’m going to set them all off and see what sort of noise we get. We have 2 chiming , a very old German alarm clock. A cuckoo clock and a few normal house clocks.
    I am in cobweb battle formation – hoover to the front, rubber gloves on 🙂

    Hi Granny Sue
    I liked the clock and he was in raptures when he first set eyes on it.
    The Spring sunshine I think makes us feel a little inclined to tackle the stuff we put off.


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