Enjoying some Spring sunshine

Crocus Chorus

Crocus Chorus

Having dashed out this morning to stock up on anchovy sauce for our pork pies we found ourselves delighting over the wonders on the shelves in Waitrose at Abergaveny. Not a short trip but we now have a few bottles so shouldn’t find ourselves ‘out’ of this again. We sauntered back via Crickhowell enjoying lunch in the old courthouse cafe, a good look around Webbs which I can best describe as a cooking and household sort of shop followed by a quick munch around Nicholls the old fashioned department store. I was proud of myself, I came away with the clothes and handbag I went in with. No new additions!

The garden centre was our last destination where I stocked up on some seed potato and a few bags of compost. We almost added a white lop eared bunny to the basket – so cute! Common sense prevailed (just) and I really didn’t do an impersonation of the bunny ear washing actions at the till as I tried to explain to T-W-O just how cute the white rabbit was. Oh yes I did!

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a spell by the greenhouse planting up the pepper seeds, broad beans & peas. The chickens ran to meet me in expectation of dinner, even Donald duck joined them. The sun hung high above me as the birds danced around the sky . To my right I could hear the repetitive croaks of a frog in the still water.

When we started to walk the dogs the sun had dipped to collide with the horizon throwing a pinkie orange shadow over the wintry trees making them glow in the burnt colours of Autumn. When we returned home the sun had disappeared and the stark Winter had returned to the landscape.


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