Spring into action

Can you spot the bird enjoying some early pollen yesterday in the garden

Can you spot the bird enjoying some early pollen yesterday in the garden

Some weeks ago I was to test plant some early peas, beans and aubergines but having the old wrist in a cast curtailed that sort of behaviour. Now the cast is off and the hand is back in action I will make a start this weekend. The chili pepper seeds are now late in being planted but I think after the cold snap this may have been fortuitous.

My plan of intent is to start with a tray a week of broad beans and peas. Put the aubergine seeds into 3 inch pots, a few per pot to try the thinning out method, again a pot a week whilst I modular plant the parsnips and carrots so I don’t disturb the roots when transplanting. I have a couple of old wooden fruit boxes I intend to fill with compost and then start a few rocket seeds in  – lets see what I end up with on Sunday.

For the first time I am going to use the compost that is ready as my potting compost. I may also buy a bag of compost as insurance and plant 50/50. Last year I mixed my compost together with the shop bought version to bulk it all out but I am so pleased with last years compost I am going to risk using it on it’s own.

I have decided not to use toilet roll holders after comments last year that they may contain some anti fungicide that prohibits root growth – all too much risk when you pour your heart into the crop. I will however continue with old tyre cases as a means of lifting the roots off our heavy clay despite warnings that these too may have something nasty in them.

One of the other pressing jobs is to site my new veg beds. I hope at least to start to clear the soil and mark out where I want the sleepers to be laid and the paths to be made.


5 thoughts on “Spring into action

  1. Neat photo – it took me a minute to find the bird. Cool. I’ve been thinking about planting myself. I think we all have. Be sure to let us know how the early sprout experiment goes.

  2. Co-incidence as I was watching a couple of bluetits from the bathroom window this morning (Fri). They were methodically going over all the new honeysuckle shoots.
    So pleased to learn that your plaster cast is off, you must feel so free and happy now.
    I was interested in your bit about the toilet roll holders so won’t be using them again. I have read that small cones of newspaper can be used – what do you think?
    Wendy (Wales)

  3. Hi City mouse
    I’ll take photos of the progress or lack of as we go.

    Hi Wendy
    With my cast off life is so much better.
    I’ve been watching bluetits this morning. I think I saw a greenfinch as well, but not sure.
    I’ve seen a machine that makes newspapers into planting cones, sounds a good idea.


  4. I didn’t see the blue tit until I read the title, so scrolled back up. Beautiful.

    Hope the vegetables go well. (Could you expand on the loo roll/newspaper cone things, please?) I had a great veg garden when I first moved here, but it had to go due to builder’s rubble. Am starting again this spring, but on a much smaller scale.

  5. Hi Casalba
    Last year I commented on Cottage smallholder that I use toilet roll holders for my peas and beans . She pointed me to a blog that went through why I shouldn’t use them, the main reason being that the antifungicide in the holders put there to stop them going mouldy would slow down seed germination and maybe growth.Now I cannot find the information anywhere!! I will keep looking.

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