T-W-O hits a milestone

img_00171Poor T-W-O having his age published for anyone to see but as from Wednesdayhe can get his bus pass, free dental check ups, free eye tests as well as a Winter fuel allowance. I have explained that the fuel allowance isn’t for red wine but he is resolute that red wine will warm him up.

To celebrate this occasion we organised a surprise party for him, a barn dance with family and friends. The music was a two piece ensemble; a violin and an accordion (electronic squeeze box) who were excellent.

They called dances and the brave ones took to the floor; I think it proves we wouldn’t do well in dance competitions but it didn’t matter. To hear some of the laughter from people as they tried to get the steps right.

Everyone from 2 to 72 ate, drank and partied.  We supplied, chili, chicken pieces and the usual buffet food while we asked our party goers to bring along their own tipple. Aura (good friend) cooked an enormous pot of chili. Lisa (middle daughter) along with her husband Iain and his parents cooked chicken, as well as partifying the room – our local village hall with balloons,banners, flags and some pretty terrifying pictures of the man I’m married to.

 This was followed by a few words from me, a few words from Lisa (middle daughter) and quite a few words from T-W-O. We presented him with a clock from some of us and a days steam train driving from the children.  we moved onto the cake – pictured here- and made by my Mum. The dancing carried on a while before the party came to a close.

The Sunday morning we went to the hall to tidy up after ourselves then a stream of visiters arrived. This carried on until after lunch time. We missed our lunch as everyone who came to see us had been in B & B so were full from a proper Welsh breakfast. Most of them did manage a few crumbs of cake with their tea or coffee. To make up for it we tucked into doorstep egg and bacon sandwiches at dinner time.

As well as all this we attended the Brecon Market on Saturday with our boxes of pies and pasties brimming over. Having been moved to our new spot they discovered that the electric sockets couldn’t support all the traders there so we went back in the corner. I think our competiton had nothing to complain about either as we watched her plates of food dwindle to nothing. We too did very well selling just about everything, the few pies we came with were handed out on the Sunday to our guests as they left. I hope they enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed seeing them all?


5 thoughts on “T-W-O hits a milestone

  1. Happy Birthday Wilf!
    Sounds as though you all had a wonderful time. Thank goodness the weather cleared up for all your visitors too.
    The cake looks absolutely super and I loved the Winter Station label.
    You must take it easy now Wilf!!
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Sounds like a great party – great cake

    SO interested in the resolution to your market difficulty. There’s a quote half-formed in my mind, something about nothing to fear but fear itself …. really glad she sold most of her stuff too, you’ll probably be best friends before the end of March 😉


  3. Hi Wendy
    Yes – we were so pleased the snow had gone and everyone could join the fun!

    Hi Joanna
    Yes it’s strange how things turn out, maybe we can all just get on with it now.


  4. Happy Birthday T-W-O. (Does that stand for “the wise one”?)

    Pleased to hear you had a good day at the market too. (What a lovely comment from Joanna.)

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