The kitchen smells of cooking

img_0080We have a farmers market at Brecon this Saturday, having heard from the market organiser today we are being moved again. Being moved shouldn’t be a big thing but people expect to find you in the same old corner or they get disoriented.  We have been occupying a spot by the door for a couple of months and our only competition has complained we are too close to them.

Never mind, but it’s odd how many times in life I have thought you left that sort of thing behind you at school only to find the lessons in life learnt there are more valuable than many of the other lessons I attended. When you grow up they call it office politics a different name for the same behaviour. No wonder the world has never managed to live in peace.

I do appreciate though that she had a nice slot in a market with little competition and along we come, new ideas, new products and people are curious so they try our home bakes. Maybe I would have my nose put out of joint if I were her.


5 thoughts on “The kitchen smells of cooking

  1. Poor you – will your new place be good … and a final move? You perhaps should try to get some sort of guarantee of permanence from the market organiser, because, as you say, people expect to find you in the same place, and it’s not very fair to keep moving you about just because someone else is feeling the edge of competition … I suppose you could try making her your new best friend

    Good luck

  2. Beautiful picture again.

    Sorry about the ‘other lady’, initially it must leave a horrid little feeling in your minds. I so agree with what you said about office politics. To set your mind at rest I think the answer is in your last sentence – you would probably feel the same. At least it may be better for you to be further from the door in this freezing weather!

    Good luck – Wendy (Wales)

  3. Yes, the last commenter is right. People will buy where they want to buy. If they like your product better, they will buy it no matter where you are placed. I understand how she feels, but that’s what the free market is.

    And you’ve got to feel a little happy that she considers you such strong competition 🙂

  4. Hi Joanna
    They couldn’t move us after all – problems with not enough electric for everyone! I am going to email the organiser and ask her what will happen. Watch this space – on the best friend front I would love to be friendly but I don’t think it will happen.

    Hi Wendy
    We were back in our corner which we happy about. The new spot actually looked very good to me but it wasn’t to be and I think it was actually closer to her but who are we to reason these things. She did well though so I think maybe she will feel a little happier.

    Hi Casalba
    We were very gratified that a man showed up at our stall having been told by his wife he must only buy pasties from us. It’s a lovely feeling.

    Hi Granny Sue
    You’re right – I hadn’t considered it that way round. Yes I guess we are pleased to be considered competition at all!


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