A bread disaster

img_00121Every so often something you expect to ‘just work’ ok  decided to do it’s own thing. Today our old and trusted bread maker produced a loaf with a concave top. This is not the first time either so I thought I’d try the dough setting and then bake it myself in the oven.

The dough did it’s first prove in the machine, all went well. I then took the dough out and got covered in sticky dough – trying to get it off the plaster cast was interesting. Then I put it to prove in a bread tin and forgot about it. T-W-O asked if I wanted to pop into town when he returned from seeing his customers.

I jumped at the chance to get out the house for a bit and indulged in a latte at a new(ish, to us anyway) cafe in town. We went searching in the local supermarket – an independent that still exists in our local area – for foil pudding tins as I didn’t realise my supply was down to the last one and we have a market on Saturday. Sadly they don’t stock pudding tins only pie tins. Onto the co-op we went, again no tins but lots of red wine to distract us.

Returning home I sauntered into the kitchen, as I went by T-W-O commented on the smell of cooking. Ops – there on the counter stood a tin of dough that had escaped with the dough falling down the sides while managing to collapse in the middle. I have cooked it but it looks remarkably like the loaf that the bread maker mucked up.


3 thoughts on “A bread disaster

  1. Our breadmaker does the same thing every so often, and for no apparent reason. But the bread still tastes good, so I don’t mind too much. And, as you say, life often gets in the way of baking your own from scratch.


  2. I go back and forth about buying a breadmaker. I do nicely kneading from scratch and normal baking, but I often think to myself, “You know, I could really do without this huge mess to clean up.”

  3. Hi Joanna
    You’re right the bread still tastes good! It just happens when the bread is going for public view – like I say I’ll take a loaf to a friends when we go for dinner.

    Hi City Mouse
    Yes it is quite a lot easier and you still get fresh bread. I know it’s a cheat but with work and everything (and wrist in a cast) I’d be stuck without it.


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