Monday blues and mashed swede

The sky was blue if nothing else. Much of the day was spent researching how we could sell our dried liver dog treats at a reasonable price on line. The jury is out because of post and packing costs . An ebay shop seems possible perhaps we would add a link to the blog -I think – if wordpress allow us to???

The last of the chicken soup has gone tonight. It is quite a thing to make if you include the chicken stock but the results are amazing, don’t just think of it as chicken soup then maybe the effort is worth it. Perhaps make chicken stock and freeze it in batches then make the soup when it is required. It did satisfy my desire for chicken soup which I read has some enzymes that are benfiicial if you have a cold.

We did our lunch out for the week with disappointing results. I think it proves that you can have too much of a good thing so perhaps we will revert to coffee out a couple of times a week instead.

I want to add another mash possibility here, it’s something T-W-O has done since I don’t know when and I imagine came from his mother.

Take about half a reasonably sized swede for 4 people.

Peel the swede and then cut into half inch (1.5 cm) cubes (or strange shapes when I do it)

Put the swede in a pan, cover with water. Add a good pinch of salt  then put the lid on.

Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to a good simmer (keep the lid on you need less heat to keep it simmering – help save the world 🙂 ).

Cook for about 15 minutes, you need to keep checking until you can run a knife through and it doesn’t resist.

Drain the swede, add a knob of butter and a shake of dried thyme. Mash as best you can.

Serve with anything – except pastas for some reason


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