Signs of spring

Snowdrops over the road under the hedge

Snowdrops over the road under the hedge


This little clump of snowdrops have been here much longer than we have lived here. Each spring they reappear, the little flowers gradually increasing in number. They are usually the first then the ones in the garden follow.

Snow drops really have been accompanied by days of snow now although the big melt happened today and much of the green valley  is yet again on show. We have heather in full bloom and the sweet almond tree is showing signs of buds on the bare branches. I have noticed only one primrose in flower and await the abundance of delicate yellow to burst into life. Last year was a bumper show of primroses.

I have been busy in the kitchen using more lemons. Lemon Sorbet is setting in the freezer and a cherry cake is in the oven, fresh cherries so I have no idea if it will work. Cherries and almonds seemed to be a good partnership for a cake. I will hold judgement until we try a slice later.

T-W-O has tackled the mountain of ironing we have been collecting whilst getting his weekly football fix. I am reliably informed in many unrepeatable words that the cricket is not worth the television space it is currently being given.

We have enjoyed an early Sunday roast dinner as we are out tomorrow and it was delicious. Roast rib of beef, roast spuds, mashed swede (todays at risk in the fridge item) and a giant carrot cup up for the two of us. Yum Yum! The chicken stock is in a big plastic box in the fridge and will be tomorrows tea made into chicken soup. The last bits of uncooked chicken are wrapped up waiting for some spices to make chicken fajitas on Monday making 3 meals from a medium chicken.


2 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. Oh, although we had a Spring-like day here today, it still feels a long way off. We’re certainly acting like its Spring, however! I love Snowdrops – such a neat sign of things to come.

  2. Hi Smallpines
    Welcome to the blog. The poor little snowdrops are being beaten with big rain drops now which is more what they are used to 🙂
    Where abouts are you?

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