We finally had lemon chicken for dinner – and another cabbage recipe

img_0018After searching through many lemon chicken recipes I decided on Gordon Ramsey’s sticky lemon chicken with champ http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/gordon_ramsay/article1660232.ece. It was easy to cook and we had it with the other half of the cabbage. This time the cabbage was cooked with a left over slice of bacon.

Cabbage and bacon

Melt an ounce (25g) of butter in a pan and add a slice of chopped bacon. Let it sizzle for a couple of minutes then chuck in half a shredded cabbage. Put on the lid and it will start to wilt very quickly. Add a dash of water and pop the lid back on. In 4 to 6 minutes you will have tasty cabbage, wilted but with a bit of bite.

The next ‘at risk in the fridge’ is half a packet of fresh cherries. With pancake day not too far away I may turn them into a sort of cherry jam ready for the day.

The snow has begun to melt here in the valley but high on the mountain the caps remain white. The moon is bright in the clear sky as the temperature plummets our wood burners is working overtime. The chickens have long settled down for the night, the dogs are quiet and I have no doubt that Smudger cat has gone out for a night on the tiles.

The cottage is still and T-W-O has retired  to bed having spent yesterday night awake, the early hour has caught up with him. I have watched a recording of the BBC series the ‘Victorian Farm’ where several people are spending a year working a farm as they did in the late 19th century.  Now I am going to enjoy a peaceful nightcap and take my hot water bottle up to join T-W-O for a good nights sleep.


6 thoughts on “We finally had lemon chicken for dinner – and another cabbage recipe

  1. We love the series ‘The Victorian Farm’. You really get caught up in all the things they are doing and the dilemma over the grass-cutting and the rain etc felt really personal!
    Have got our cabbage poised – can do what you did with the 2 halves now.
    Cheerio, Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    Agree about the series. Did you see the one the same group of people did a few years ago about the 17th century farm?

    Good luck with the cabbage! Please let me know how it goes?

  3. Thank you Casalba – the moon is so difficult to capture on it’s own in a meaningful photo
    You can download BBC iplayer on your PC and watch them for free now. It took us a few attempts to get it to work and it loads it in segments but better than nothing.

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