More snow and what’s at risk in the fridge

Oh not on my coat

Oh not on my coat

Some of the animals are enjoying the snow more than others. Smudger ventured  out today but Tattycat with her long black winter coat on wasn’t too keen on getting her paws wet. I watched a chicken try and jump from the top of the duck house to the entrance of the chicken house without touching the floor – unsuccessfully, but she only had a short hop left up to the entrance of their home.

Bertie and Vickie seem quite happy with it. Bertie who refuses to get his paws wet normally happily trampled through fresh snow. While Vickie the one who jumps in puddles just after having a bath was taking the cleared road until she walked over a gritted area and got something in her paws which must have stung being mixed with salt.

On the subject of Bertie he has been diagnosed with an inflamed liver, the treatment  is 4 weeks of antibiotics and some liver conditioners. Lets hope we see some improvement without further trips to the vet. He has been cleared of cushings or cancer which is a huge relief for us. The diabetes makes any treatment complicated as we have to watch for improvement in his glucose levels. The vet has recommended we buy a  device to prick the inside of his ear to check his glucose levels each day- I can just see Burtie being really keen on this!

Today we have an excess of lemons. I purchased them for tart aux citron which I didn’t have time to make so I did a bit of searching.  Lemon Gin from the cottage smallholder took my fancy. I realised that the Gin bottle had one of those none return pourers so I thought I’d use a whisky bottle that has a small amount of whisky in. With me so far………………..

I now have a Gin bottle with a bit of Gin left in, a tumbler of homeless cheap whisky that I use in cooking and a bottle of lemon Gin which will be ready in 3 years!!!!! We are forcing a bottle of wine down so we have a home for the cheap whisky. Got all that………….

Now I have 3 skinless lemons and 3 whole lemons to use.


6 thoughts on “More snow and what’s at risk in the fridge

  1. I’m also intrigued by that recipe and am definitely going to try it. Could you just slice the lemons with and without skins, then freeze them for gin and tonics, fish dishes, etc.

  2. Hi Casalba
    Good idea about the lemons, I will try this as even when I’ve cooked I’ll have some left over.
    I am going to cook up a chicken today, chicken stock, chicken soup and lemon chicken – at least that’s what I think this morning 🙂

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