Let it snow Monday and 3 root mash

Old fashioned Steak and Kidney pudding

Old fashioned Steak and Kidney pudding

In true British style I want to talk about the weather. My goodness the snow has battered Britain today, London at a standstill, major roads blocked, many schools closed and doesn’t it all look much better with a layer of white to hide any dirty faded bits.

We ventured out late this morning to do our chores enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in town before heading for the homestead where we stayed ever since only venturing out to walk the doggies and feed our extended clan. Now we are deep in dinner preparation, a left over   and vegetable pie with 3 root mash – the mash obsession goes on – and cauliflower cheese with a cauliflower that needs using now.

The mash also uses up left over mash from yesterdays dinner which we had with steak and kidney pudding.

On tomorrows vegetable at risk register is a cabbage so I need to get creative with cabbage.

Anyway for those of you who are mash mad like me my version of 3 root mash:

You need for 2-3 people roughly

200g swede, peeled and chopped into 1cm (half inch ish) cubes

200g carrot, peeled and sliced

200g potato, peeled and chopped into 1cm chunks or left over mash

an ounce of butter

salt and pepper

Cook the swede for 5 minutes in a medium sized pan of water with a good pinch of salt added

Add the potato and carrot. Put the lid on and simmer until all the veggies are cooked through. Run a sharp knife through each type of veg and if it slides in easily without resistance then they are cooked.

Drain off the water, add a lump of butter then grind in some pepper.  If your mash is precooked give it a minute or two in the microwave  then add it to the dish. If you are a none microwave person I would pop some foil on an oven proof dish and give it 15 minutes in a hot oven to heat it up.

Then give it all a good mash together.

This is so flexible – you need to look in the fridge and see what you’ve got 

Other suggestions:

  •  parsnip as well as the other veggies or instead of one
  • a bit of chopped onion added at the end
  • left over cooked cabbage, chopped and added at the end.
  • a sprinkle of thyme
  • a bit of grated nutmeg
  • a few chili flakes for chili lovers sprinkled on before you serve
  • a crushed garlic added to the uncooked veggies

4 thoughts on “Let it snow Monday and 3 root mash

  1. That pudding (I guess we would call it a pie in the US, even though it’s really not) looks delicious. With a big helping of mashed potatoes. The idea of some parsnips added sounds wonderful. We have a traditional New Zealand style (so they say) pie shop on our block here – this looks very similar to what they do. I’ll have to look into it.

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