waste not February

Best buy - 3 Hyacinth bulbs in a pot for £2

Best buy - 3 Hyacinth bulbs in a pot for £2

I don’t make New Year resolutions but every now and then I do think we need to make adjustments to our lives so I have decided that I’m clearing out the fridge of anything that’s past eating as I do every week and we are then going to have a ‘waste not’ February. If the figures that keep being banded around are correct and we waste a third of our food by throwing it away then we should automatically be a third better off. The problem I have with such figures is that I don’t understand how they are created; does it include scraps and left overs? Is it based on what gets thrown out the fridge? Who did they ask? However we do throw things away, much as I’m ashamed to admit it and I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop it. We sometimes hide it by giving unused veg to the chickens or putting it on the compost heap but not this month.

So the rules are:

Start with a clean fridge today, getting rid of anything that cannot be used.

No throwing uneaten veg on the compost heap & peelings only to the chickens or the heap.

The dogs get cooked scraps.

I also intend to make more soup this month (as long as the cast comes off my wrist so I can chop veggies). I have eaten the most wonderful soups at friends houses in the last couple of weeks. Corn and crab chowder on one occasion and last night chicken and sweetcorn when we celebrated the Chines New Year (a little late) courtesy of Aura and Martin with fantastic food. The company wasn’t so bad either.

My best buy British hyacinth bulbs from Asda (£2 in a pot) are looking very pretty and scenting the room t0 almost overpowering levels. They started with just an inch poking through the soil and the sorry plastic pot looked so unexciting. Now the heads are so heavy with blossom they cannot support themselves and the white china pot they live in is a perfect backdrop for china blue flowers.

All I have to do now is make sure I look after the bulbs so they can live in the garden next year. I understand you have to cut the flower stalks off once they have gone over but keep watering them until the leaves yellow. They also need light to help build up energy through the leaves. As the leaves start to die back cut them to just above soil level and allow the soil to dry out, remove the bulbs and store them in a paper bag somewhere dark but dry until Autumn then plant them outside.


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