Nobody in town for the Llandovery market

sunrise this morning

sunrise this morning

Well it had to happen, we came home with a box of food today. It wasn’t a disaster and we did sell quite a few things but we will be eating a steak and kidney pudding for lunch tomorrow. T-W-O was quite pleased about this but not so sure about the butternut squash pasties we have left over – the old carnivore that he is. (no not dinosaur!).

We are not down about it just amazed at the lack of people in town today. We think they all had more sense as the wind was cutting and they could probably be found in their houses in front of nice warm fires. Many of the more regular visitors were absent and so were some of the stall holders. We did sell all our new ‘large’ quiches, all the pork pies, quite a few pasties and most of the big pies as well as bags of dried liver and a few jars of honey which we have added to our table for the last two markets.

We are considering selling the dried liver on line and are looking at how we can successfully package it up but keep the post costs down. We really need an electronic shop front but we don’t want to set up a web site just for the liver as it would be extra expense and then there is the question of how to take money for it.  Ebay is an option I am going to explore and then customers can pay by paypal but as a seller paypal is expensive for smaller transactions.


2 thoughts on “Nobody in town for the Llandovery market

  1. With those PayPal merchant tools, you can create “buy this now” buttons (and such) that you can place anywhere, using html code. Even here on your blog. Course, something like Ebay would give you a market/traffic base that you can’t find elsewhere.

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