I really can say that when I see those telly chefs and they have everything prepared in little bowls I used to think I’d never cook like that. Now that we do the pasty and pie business I really believe it’s the only way to cook. How often have you thought ‘oh yes’ I’ve got everything I need to make that’ and then find yourself substituting ingredients half way through, somehow at a critical moment when popping off to the shops just isn’t possible.

I don’t always weigh everything out but I do assemble the ingredients on the side before I begin. We also pre-chop veg and put  into plastic boxes in the fridge until needed and it’s the same with the meat.

So my message for all those last minute chefs is do the prep work.


3 thoughts on “organise

  1. I’ve only recently started to do thing properly by getting all of my ingredients out of the cupboard and in little bowls before I start cooking. I wholeheartedly agree – It’s such a relief to have everything there in front of me, and measured. And I’m not cooking nearly the kind of volume that you do!

  2. Hi City mouse
    Well done – more washing up but less stress.

    Hi Joanna
    We do it the dsy before we cook it so it splits the jobs up a bit. It also means we prepare our meat at a different time which is considered good practise in a working kitchen.


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